Minutes of Meeting, March 2019

Minutes of Meeting, March 2019
Venue:  Kinveachy Gardens, SE7
Date:  Thursday 14 March 2019
Present: (13) Christine (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Catherine,  Mickey, Alan, Ronnie, Nigel, Natalie, Hazel, John, Lesley, Rod.

1. Welcome and Apologies:  Christine welcomed a larger group than for recent meetings. Apologies (3): Jason, Andrew, Peet.   

2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising: The ladies toilet in Maryon Park has now been mended. Our thanks to Paul.

3. Parks and Council News 
a) Our grant application to the Neighbourhood Growth Fund submitted by Peet for improvements to Maryon Wilson Animal Park was successful. Some £17,000 is now available and contractors have been booked for May.
b) Flood prevention work recommended by the Council’s Owen Davies has been carried out in Maryon Wilson near the disused toilets. Very heavy rain this week caused a problem as the grill can get bunged up with leaves etc, which Richard the stockman has resolved to keep an eye on. There will be some seed for the grass area to improve the look of it. Owen is also keen to do some more work by the dog pond. We are investigating whether the two MWP streams have names.
c) Good work was done on the triangle area at the last Clear-Up, moving much of the old fencing to create an insect habitat nearby. We are looking at low hedge plants for a new fence and have now heard from the Council that potentilla is acceptable. We should only need about 10-14 metres, at a cost of roughly £60, which was approved by the meeting.
d) Gilbert’s Pit, where we had repeatedly asked for the brambles to be cut back, has been completely cleared. One or two members were surprised at how comprehensive the work was and wondered about the effect on nesting birds.
e) Planning continues for the Party in the (Maryon) Park on Sunday June 30. Funding has been secured for the next four years from the Woolwich Riverside Ward budget. Any volunteers to help on the day should contact Helen Jakeways or Christine. We will have a stall for bric-a-brac etc and will consider a tree walk round the park – Mickey and Christine to discuss the latter.
f) At the time of the meeting we had not heard of any plans for an Open Day in Maryon Wilson Park; but the next day Carol Kendall of Riding for the Disabled contacted us to say she was discussing the matter with Richard and will keep us informed.
4. Treasurer’s Report:
The current balance remains at £603.96 with petty cash of £8.02. 

5.Community Garden report:  attached

6. Any other business:
a) Gulle has sent round a plan of where we planted our trees in December. Please keep an eye out for them.
b) The February Clear-Up and Litter-Pick was cancelled because of the very bad weather. In March an excellent turn-out of 17 people worked mainly on the triangle area. On Saturday April 6, which falls within the month of the Great British Spring Clean organised by Keep Britain Tidy, we will work on ditch clearing as well as the usual litter-picking.
c) Our new website is up and running. Do have a regular look at www.friendsofmaryonparks.org
d) We have put in a bid to the Lovells Community Fund for replacing equipment in the Maryon Park playground. An email from the Council’s cabinet member for housing reported that there is still no starting date for Lovells to begin work on the Morris Walk estate.
e) Nets have been restored to the basketball court.
f) Natalie raised the question of cars in Maryon Park and one white one that seems to be parked every day over by the bicycle rack. Mickey will investigate who it belongs to, initially checking with the workers in the bothy. (The Community Garden has permission from Parks and Open Spaces to bring cars and work vehicles into the park if they drive slowly and use hazard lights.)
g) Gulle will attend the Parks Forum meeting on March 21.

7. Diary dates:
Clear-Ups: Saturday April 6 and Saturday May 4.  Meet at our table in Maryon Wilson Park between 10am-midday for litter-picking and/or light park work. Next meeting: Thursday May 2 at Kinveachy Gardens, 7.20 for 7.30pm

Steve , secretary
Email: FriendsofMaryonparks@gmail.com    

MPCG Report for FM&MWP: March 2019

During the 2018/19 growing season, the plot holders have produced the equivalent of 1,230 meals, beating last years record. Flowers and vegetables have been grown from seed using the poly-tunnel, the cold frames and the new greenhouse. Cacti and succulents have been a new venture this year. Plot holders are currently growing winter crops.
Weekly and Monthly Open Days
The Garden is open every Wednesday afternoon for volunteers and on the afternoon of the first Saturday in the month for visitors. The team of regular volunteer workers include; Alan, Danny, Dinah, Edna, Maria, Pat, Pam, Sherry, Tim and Vanessa.
Corporate workdays
Volunteers from the world’s largest travel agency Booking.com are helping in the Garden on Wednesdays during March and April.
Special Open Days and Events
The Big Dig Open Day will be on Saturday 27th April 10.0 am to 4.0 pm. There will be a plant sale including tomato plants and a woodcraft sale.
There will be refreshment and the pizza oven.
The family out-door art workshop will be at 2.0 pm run by Simon and Verity.
Forest School
Windrush School continues to bring three classes of 30 pupils on Wednesdays.
Simon continues his work with outdoor art therapy clients in the Forest School.
Alan, with the help of Vanessa, has continued to maintain and make repairs and improvements in the Garden. Alan has completed the main steps for the ‘Garden Room’.
The Community Garden successfully gained a second grant from the Tesco “Bags of Help ‘ Scheme. The £1,000 grant paid for new panels for the park side fencing.
The Garden has made two additional grant applications.
Garden Improvements
S.E. Fencing Ltd installed the new fencing panels. Vougar and his team built the Garden Room and the foundations. The 10ft x 20ft Garden Room has views of the park and will be available for hire.
Future Plans
1. Alan will be assembling a conservatory style indoor space for his workshop area.
2. When funds are available improvements will be made to the windows and flooring of the Garden Room. Solar power for the Garden Room will be added.
3. The final major project, subject to successful grant applications, will be the resurfacing of the Garden paths with nontoxic and nonslip resin bound surfaces.

Chair: MPCG March 2019

MPCG Digital Foot Print
Website: http://www.maryonparkcommunitygarden.btck.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaryonParkFoodGrowingProject
Twitter: @theoldnursery

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