Minutes of Meeting, May 2019


Minutes of Meeting, May 2019
Venue:  Kinveachy Gardens, SE7
Date:  Thursday 2 May 2019
Present: (4) Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Catherine, Alan.

1. Welcome and Apologies:  In the absence of Christine, who was unwell, Steve welcomed a small group, handicapped by a clash of dates.
Apologies (8): Christine (chair), Jason, John, Mickey, Natalie, Nigel, Raj, Ronnie.   
2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:
Work on the animal pens is due to begin shortly and money has been found for a new gate to the pigs’ enclosure.
Rod has some grass seed for the area around the diverted stream.
We are grateful to Richard who will undertake occasional watering of the new hedging plants, which are already beginning to flower.
The white car complained of in Maryon Park has not been seen so regularly but appears to belong to one of the staff.

3. Parks and Council News 
a) With so few people present we were unable to make much progress on rotas for the two summer events:
– MW Park Open Day now confirmed for Saturday 18 May (11-3pm), and
– Picnic in the (Maryon) Park on Sunday 30 June (1-6pm).
Gulle will be in charge of our stall. Helpers needed – please let us know your availability at FriendsofMaryonParks@gmail.com
b) At the Picnic in the Park Mickey and Christine will lead a tree walk round Maryon Park, leaving once an hour on the hour from the Friends stall.
c) Steve attended a breakfast with the Council leader Danny Thorpe, given to thank Friends groups for their work. Cllr Thorpe stressed the importance of parks, especially in areas like Greenwich where so many flats without gardens are being built, although cuts in budgets from central government continue to have an effect on manpower and budgets.
d) Gulle is investigating the possibility of information boards like those in Charlton Park which would give details of what work we were doing. They are made by Men In Sheds at a cost of about £100. Matched funding with a grant from the Forum might be possible.
e) Grass cutting has been a little unpredictable in some areas and cost us another of the trees planted in Maryon Wilson.

4. Treasurer’s Report:
After £74.85 was spent on the new hedging round the triangle area, the current balance is £529.11 with petty cash of £5.47. 

5.Community Garden report:  (attached)

6. Any other business:
a) The April Clear-Up and Litter-Pick was attended by 13 people, many of whom helped with the hedging.
b) Our new website www.friendsofmaryonparks.org has numbers under “Park Info/Useful Contacts” for the police neighbourhood teams but their recommendation for reporting anti-social behaviour in the parks is to ring either 101 or the special Council number 0208 921 4329.
c) The water fountain in Maryon Park is blocked as well as leaking, which has been reported.

7. Diary dates:
Walks in Oxleas Wood: Monday May 6 from the café, 11am to 4pm.
Charlton Park ParksFest: Saturday June 22.
Armed Forces Get Together Day: Saturday June 29.
Clear-Ups: Saturday June 1. There may be no formal Clear-Up in July or August, although litter-picking is of course welcome at all times.
We will not hold a Friends meeting in July; the next one will provisionally be on Thursday September 19 at Kinveachy Gardens, 7.20 for 7.30.

Steve, secretary
Email: FriendsofMaryonparks@gmail.com    

Maryon Park Community Garden
Maryon Park Community Garden is run as a constituted not-for-profit community voluntary project with its own officers, committee, treasurer and independent auditor.

Report May 2019
Open Days

The Community Garden ‘Big Dig’ open day on Saturday 27th April 2019 was hit by poor weather but the garden still received many visitors. The founder of Capital Growth, Ben Reynolds, and local councillor John Fahey called in to see the progress of the project. “Thanks” is due to the Community Garden Committee members, who worked hard on the day. Fundraising was helped by the sale of plants, cakes and marmalade. The Community Garden will be holding an informal ‘Big Lunch’ bring and share open day on Saturday 1st June. Help with this event will be appreciated.

Gardening and Growing
With the greenhouse and the poly-tunnel the Garden is now growing vegetable plants and flowers. These will be available to the general public when the Garden is open on Wednesdays and the first Saturday in the month for a donation.

Forest School
Apart from Windrush School who use the Forest School space, it is also used once a week when the weather is suitable, by a group of younger children with their child-minders.

Outdoor Art
Simon ran a popular ‘Outdoor Art Family Workshop’ on the Big Dig open day.

Wednesday Volunteers
The regular team of Wednesday volunteers worked hard to prepare for the Open Day.
The teams of corporate volunteers will resume work in the Garden in June.

Several new grant applications are being developed and if successful the finance will be used on improvements and innovations in the Garden. These include resurfacing the gravel paths in the Garden and making improvements to the ‘Garden Room’.

Alan has worked hard to prepare the Garden Room that provides an indoor office and meeting space for the Community Garden. The room is now available for hire.

Garden Improvement Projects
The old and damaged park-side panel fencing has been replaced with new good quality panels. Behind this fencing, Alan, in the next weeks, will be erecting a conservatory style rain shelter over his works area. Work towards resurfacing the garden gravel paths, with a non-toxic and non-slip resin surface, is at the planning and budgeting stage.

Opening Times
Volunteers and visitors are welcome on Wednesdays, the volunteer workday. The Garden is open to the public on the afternoon of the first Saturday in the month.

Tim: MPCG Chair. Edna: MPCG Secretary and Coordinator

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